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Key Links for Reading Strategies

This is a co-taught class with Mrs. Watson and myself. This class is designed to improve reading and writing skills through a 3-day routine of a vocabulary identification, review session of recall/retentation, a short reading with Q&A, a writing component, and a vocabulary quiz. In addition, students are expected to read 1000 pages per semester. We have Reading Logs and Book Talks that are required that go hand in hand with the successful goal of obtaining 1000 pages each semester.

We look forward to spending the year with our students and working with each other to help create a fun learning environment. 

Fall Semester short stories and vocabulary words

1. Baseball Saved Us by Ken Mochizuki

Vocab.: barracks, bleachers, funnel, glinting, guardhouse, sagebrush

2. Button, Button by Richard Matheson

Vocab.: abruptly, eccentric, genuine, incredulous, indicated, intrigue, proposition, restrain, scope, shudder

3. Year Round Schools (non-fiction article) by Emily Johns

Vocab.: adequate, agrarian, charter school, pelt, regression, rejuvenated, retain, strategically

4. A Days Wait by Ernest Hemingway

Vocab.: commenced, detached, flushed, poised, slack

5. Abuela Invents the Zero by Judith Ortiz Cofer

Vocab.: bizarre, compromise, congregation, escort, obligation, periscope, purgatory, senile, shawl

6. The Enchanted Raisin by Jacqueline Balcells

Vocab.: console, contrary, detested, feigning, mute, reassure, torrents, vain

7. A Motherin Mannville by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Vocab.: condemn, duplicate, inadequate, integrity, intimate, resentment

8. The Harlows' Christmas Dinner by "Escohos"

Vocab.: admonished, copse, dallying, donning, ensconced, gloating, loath, protested, vexation

9. Is Big Brother Watching Your Every Move by Melissa Mapes (non-fiction essay)

Vocab.: acquaintances, Big Brother, convey, dysfunctions, fluctuating, ominously, phenomenon, screen

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